Tuesday, June 7, 2011

End of the day...

Set wraps around midnight, with a bunch of beautiful shots in the can, an extremely tired crew, and only one trip to the ER!  A successful day at a great location.  Thanks, Milkboy Coffee in Bryn Mawr.

Below is a fully lit shot of the set, with Alexa the barista waiting for the camera to roll.

Monday, June 6, 2011

More Pics

Extras Waiting for their call.

Blocking the Barrista.

Today's Shot List

Photos Day 2

Lighting the Milkboy set.

Hero tattoo on Bonnie's arm.

The location.  Thanks, Milkboy.

Set Update, Day 2

Now 9:23, master shots in the digital can.  Dinner break over, set-up flipped and we're on to individual shots of the lead actors.  Set-ups are meticulous, but pay off on the end when we see the footage on the computer.

Day 2 - Milkboy Coffee

After a marathon first day, the crew descends on Milkboy Coffee in Bryn Mawr for day 2.  Bonnie, who plays Alexa in the film, gets her tattoos put on in the lobby of the Bryn Mawr Film, while we rig all the lights for the master shot featuring all the extras as coffee shop patrons.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

End of Day One

Someone needs to feed the boom operator

And The Angels Sang

In one of those funny (read annoying) coincidences, there's a choral concert in the building we're shooting in.  I've never seen so many irritated sound guys, to say nothing of the director.

Moving On...

Chip Murphy wrangling the raw Red Cam data.

Director Karin Kelly discusses the next set-up with DP Dave Schwartz

Testing out the dolly shot

What a Writer Does

While everyone else is being useful on set, I'm in the back with the sound and data guys, and starting to re-write the pages for tomorrow.  It's a guilty pleasure to have so many talented people working on a story I've written.


First shots roll at 11:42!  Looks great already.  What a crew!


The director pimps out the cubes.

Lighting the Neutron office sign.

In Production

Actors Waiting in The Green Room

Checking Focus on the Red Cam

Counting Down

First shot scheduled for 11:00.

First Photos From the Set

The camera team gets squared away.

The Hero Prop

Staging Area For the Equipment

First Day: In The Pipe

Call time: 7:30 AM.  Everyone's on set.  Transportation and set-up still in progress.